Les Guitares Magiques is a Belgian trio playing early jazz, blues and world music from the Interbellum period. Expect Hawaiian steel guitars, dreamlike and haunting melodies, hot swing, but also South-American waltzes and tangos.

"The music evokes the hippest branch of  the original style that emerged from Hawaii."  - Stacy Phillips

The trio started out as a duo and intended to write a book on steel guitar transcriptions, an academic endeavour and in-depth analysis of the guitar styles of steel guitar masters such as Sol Hoopii, King Benny Nawahi, Sam Ku West, Gino Bordin, just to name a few. However, soon enough playing the music became too much fun to do. The duo added a bass player and started gigging in Belgium. Most notably, there was their collaborations with Belgian artists Jan De Smet and Guido Belcanto and the American phenomenon Del Rey.

And now there's the splendid new album! Les Guitares Magiques recently recorded 15 tracks and invited 5 guests to perform and record together live. Check it out.


Raf Timmermans: National steel, acoustic guitar, mandolin, slack key, ukulele

Gijs Hollebosch: Hawaiian steel guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, tiple

Mathias Moors: double bass